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Aruma Resources Limited (ASX: AAJ) is a focused West Australian exploration company with three advanced project areas in Western Australia.

Aruma Resources Limited (ASX: AAJ) (ARUMA) is a gold focused West Australian exploration company with four advanced project areas near Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. Three of these are managed by ARUMA and the initial Glandore Project is now a in Joint Venture with Southern Gold Limited, Southern Gold are aiming to develop a production mine in the short term to augment production from their Cannon Deposit, 10km to the west. This will be done on the three granted mining leases that host the shallow Axial Planar and Supergene gold mineralisation zones at Glandore. ARUMA is continuing its exploration focus on gold in the Glandore area 40km east of Kalgoorlie. Following the Glandore joint venture with Southern Gold (ASX announcement on 6 April, 2016) the area has continued to yield interesting exploration targets at Goddards Dam and Clinker Hill. Subsequent to this over 142km2 of new area at Slate and Mulga Dam has been applied for which are contiguous to the north and east of the Glandore Projects. A separate lease further to the east has been applied for at Gundockerta Hill.